La Leona Lends Her Voice to the Voiceless

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Award-­‐winning singer/songwriter/radio hostess, La Leona, brings her charisma and talent to Univision Television with a new talk show aimed at elevating the Hispanic Community. Los Angeles, CA-­‐February 12, 2013 -­‐ You may not know her name (yet), but you’ve certainly felt her presence. Entertainer, La Leona’s voice and lyrics can be regularly heard on multiple TV  shows  and  radio  broadcasts,  as  well  as  being  heard  on  her  radio  show  “Buso  Con  El  Abuso”, where she has become the voice of and champion to many. Now La Leona’s music and buoyant personality are coming to Television with her new show. Life  wasn’t  always  this  glamorous  for  Connie  Blue-­‐Puché  aka  La  Leona.  Although  she  was  drawn to the spotlight from an early age, she always understood the hard work and dedication required to get to where she is today. Raised in Mexico until age 11, La Leona came to the United States with a dream…to shine in the entertainment world. As a child, her parents encouraged her natural abilities; so much so,  that  singing  and  songwriting  soon  became  a  natural  way  of  self-­‐expression.  Her  early  performances in school recitals paved her way into the music scene in the mid 1990’s. Since  1990,  she  has  penned  a  string  of  hits  performed  by  artists  such  as  Jose  Luis  Ayala,  Charanda Band, Martin Mendez and many others. She’s successfully released albums through  Balboa  Records  and  later,  through  her  own  record  label,  Blue  Leona  Records.  La  Leona also helped pioneer the Latin “crossover” market before it was commonplace; translating  songs  from  English  to  Spanish  for  major  publishing  companies,  producers  and  songwriters. Having established herself as a successful radio personality she is now crossing over into TV with the help of the Center for the Cinematic Arts, Inc.

The motivation behind her latest entertainment venture is simple: take a beloved Mexican American radio personality and singer-­‐songwriter, and lend support to the very community that helped her become who she is today. With “La Leona” she has a golden opportunity to make her mark as the voice of the Hispanic community in contemporary American society. La  Leona  assembled  a  top  creative  team  to  bring  her  show  from  conception  to  realization.  Those on the crew include award winning directors, producers and other production personnel. Our shows are available on our Vimeo Channel: www.vimeo.com/channels/LaLeonaUSA


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