Connie Blue is La Leona

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Connie  Blue’s  mission  is  clear:  to  be  a  voice  for  her  people.  She’s  done  this  through  her music,  lyrics  and  charisma.  In  less  than  twenty years, she’s amassed a song collection for artists that most songwriters would envy. She’s  crossed  genres  with  the  best  of  them  and translated songs from English to Spanish for Bruce Swedien, Chuck Wild, and Michelle Vice,  for  use  in  shows  such  as  Guiding  Light  and  the  HBO  series  Resurrection  Blvd. “Saturday”  was  translated  by  Connie  Blue-­‐Puché  and  was  featured  in  the  film,  The Prince  and  the  Pauper.   She  was  also  requested  as  a  translator  for  the  new  group Eden’s Crush after their success on the hit TV show,  Popstars.  Her  work  with  them garnered the group a Gold Record for their album sales. She’s recorded her own music through Balboa Records.

But  most  recently,  La  Leona’s  mission  has  taken  a  slightly  different  turn:  one  that allows her to entertain while helping those in  need.  Through  maintaining  closeness  to  her  fans  in  the  U.S.  and  Mexico,  La  Leona witnessed  the  Hispanic  community  being  abused and taken advantage of in a variety of  different  ways.  Her  knowledge  in  the  field  of  law  and  her  compassion  for  her community  encouraged  her  to  create  a  show that informs, entertains and provides assistance  for  those  in  need.  In  December  2010,  La  Leona  created  a  radio  talk  show titled,  Buso  con  el  Abuso,  (“Beware  of  Abuse”),  an  independent  radio  talk  show aired  by  Univision  Network.  Buso  con  el Abuso was designed by La Leona to educate and shine the light of truth on all types  of  injustice,  while  helping  victims  to  find  the  help  they  need,  many  times through the advice of invited guests who are experts in their field.  Her latest  venture  in  front  of  the  camera  is  aimed  at  raising  the  entertainment  bar while also being of further assistance to the community around her.

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